Live Dealers in South America

The South American market is vast, and only a few live casino software operators have so far succeeded in conquering it. Punters from the region have readily taken possession of casino tables presented by live dealers online. There are regular visits to these live casinos despite locals’ apparent preference for sports events over live gambling options.

Because of the increased interest in live gaming, multiple live casino software providers are entering this market. To build on this interest, operators in South America are now offering games with actual croupiers to players from the region.

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About Live Dealers from South America

The region's existing telecommunications facilities and internet penetration provide many chances for online casinos to offer streaming services. Argentina boasts the highest percentage of revenue in the casino gaming business.

What Parts of the Continent Do Live Dealers Come From?

Players can join up from Central or South America and sit at one of the live tables where players speak Spanish. Big developers like Ezugi and Vivo Gaming offer the service. These top firms have on-site studios in South America. However, Evolution has tables for a Latin American audience but transmits from its main international studio in Malta. The majority of these companies concentrate on high-quality feeds, intriguing dealers, and popular live dealer games.

Visionary iGaming is a software provider for the South American market. It has offices in Chile, Peru, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, among other regions. Microgaming has a studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. However, it is not as well-known as the other brands mentioned. This South American region, which includes 33 nations among them Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, devotes significant revenue to gambling. The tourism business is inextricably related to land casinos and gambling activities, and Latin America attracts many tourists each year.

Common Languages Spoken by South American Live Casino Dealers

The existence of native live casino dealers raises the level of service to new heights. The gaming experience becomes more authentic when players are welcomed in their native tongue. The dealers at South American-friendly operators speak fluent English. This is an international language that makes conversations more accessible and more enjoyable for the players. That said, each country has its own favored languages, gambling and betting customs, and gaming business regulations.


Spanish is, without a doubt, one of the most widely spoken languages in South America. More than half a billion people speak Spanish around the world. These speakers scour the continent for the best online casinos.


English-language casino sites are by far the most popular. Most sites, regardless of their location, employ the English language. English allows players from various nations to easily access a betting site.


The language is spoken predominantly in Brazil. It is the second most important language and Brazil's only official language, with over 200 million speakers. The importance and attractiveness of betting services that allow individuals from Brazil to gamble. Thus, gaming operators in Portuguese have surged in recent years.

Only a few years ago, land-based gambling establishments were the only places where players could play online casino games. In 2015, a new trend of online casinos arose, and people were enthusiastic about it. These live casino sites have numerous advantages over traditional ones. They provide gamers with a unique gaming experience.

These facilities offer considerably more high-quality live games. The sites are also incredibly safe, and various payment methods are accepted. Most of them offer the live dealer games of the most well-known game developers globally. The providers include many Latin aspects that contribute to the overall excitement.

Live Blackjack

It's no surprise that most software providers' flagship title is live table blackjack. Blackjack, more than virtually any other game on the casino floor, is a game of skill and luck. It's the strategic player's game of choice and an all-time fan favorite.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is the most popular game. It's a classic casino game in which participants try to guess which number on a wheel the ball will fall on. Online roulette games have grown into their beast since they became available in a live casino format. More than any other gaming format, roulette has been altered and reinvented. The European and the American versions are both available.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat's core gameplay does not have as many customized variants as other games due to its relative simplicity. That isn't to say that all broadcast live baccarat games are equal. These days, the most outstanding baccarat comes with side bets and features that will have one going back for more.

Caribbean Poker

The live Poker from Vivo Gaming brings a new card game to South America. It blends the pace and excitement of Three-Card Poker with the simplicity of baccarat. That makes it easy to learn and popular in Spanish-speaking countries.


Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming retains its footing in the gaming industry. The firm also has a live casino studio in the Colombian city of Medellin. The provider is dedicated to making the most of technology. Vivo offers a chat feature, detailed game statistics, clear roadmaps, multi-window play, and a reasonably large game selection.

The operator's studio features roughly fifty dealers. These dealers keep each other on their toes and broadcast on a daily basis. As part of the company's training program, new dealers are taught how to work the tables and cope with any human error.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming offers an extensive range of traditional and creative games. The titles include numerous variations of Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat, catering to a diverse range of player demographics. The company offers the most extensive table selection and a great online casino with a real-time dealer network. Live games are broadcast in high-definition video from ultra-modern studios.


Ezugi is a renowned provider of high-quality live casino games streamed from opulent studios. This provider currently serves European, South American, and Asian markets in English and Spanish. Its interactive aspects are its pride and joy. Players can, for example, talk with one another while playing, post to Facebook, or play multiple games at once. Ezugi's real-time broadcast titles include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, RNG games, lottery, and mini-games.

Live Casino Tables with Native-Speaking Dealers

Over the last two years, language-specific live casino games have increased. Localized live dealer tables are now available from top software companies, including Playtech, Evolution, and Pragmatic. These games let users play with dealers who speak their native language solely.

More and more players from all around the world can play these games in their native language. However, not all games are supported, and several popular titles lack native support entirely. These are the most commonly localized games.

Because of roulette's laid-back, stoic nature, there's plenty of room for talk during rounds. Thus, it is the most geographically restricted of all casino games. Many of the most popular languages are covered by gamblers.

Roulette and live blackjack dealers online are two popular games that have been translated into dozens of languages. Due to the expansion of new markets, localized casino material has become increasingly popular. Live gaming companies have taken advantage of this by building their native-speaking tables.

The most comprehensive language coverage is provided by Evolution, one of the most well-known names in live casinos. This applies to their roulette tables, though. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of localized content for blackjack and their game shows.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What qualifications do live casino dealers in South America typically have?

Live casino dealers in South America are generally required to undergo specialized training in gaming operations and customer service. This training ensures they are proficient in game rules, dealing procedures, and professional player interaction. Many dealers also have certifications from recognized gaming schools or institutions.

Are live casino dealers in South America fluent in multiple languages?

Yes, live casino dealers in South America often speak multiple languages, most commonly Spanish and Portuguese, to cater to the diverse linguistic landscape of the continent. English proficiency is also common, allowing them to serve international players.

What types of games do live dealers in South America typically host?

Live dealers in South America host a variety of popular casino games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. Many casinos also offer regional favorites such as Punto Banco and regional variations of poker.

How does the regulatory environment in South America affect live casino dealers?

The regulatory environment varies by country, but most South American countries have specific regulations that live casino dealers must adhere to. These may involve licensing, regular training updates, and compliance with fair play standards to ensure game integrity and player trust.

Can players from other countries play games hosted by South American live dealers?

Yes, many online casinos in South America offer services to international players, allowing them to join games hosted by South American dealers. This is subject to the legal and regulatory framework governing online gambling in the player's country.

What are the working hours for live casino dealers in South America?

Live casino dealers in South America typically work in shifts since online casinos operate 24/7. Their schedules may include nights, weekends, and holidays to accommodate the continuous cycle of international gaming activities.

How do South American live casino dealers handle player disputes?

Live casino dealers in South America are trained to handle disputes professionally and efficiently. They often use live chat functions to communicate directly with players, and more complex issues are escalated to the casino management or a dedicated dispute resolution team.

What technology is used by live casino dealers in South America?

Live dealers in South America use state-of-the-art gaming technology, including high-definition video streaming, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, and advanced game control units (GCUs). This technology ensures that games are fair and run smoothly, enhancing the player experience.