The Best Rwanda Live Casinos & Gambling 2023

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The Best Rwanda Live Casinos & Gambling 2023

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Recently updated bonuses, games and deposit methods

2023 / 01 / 30

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are a common feature that live casinos utilize to attract new players and steal players away from their competitors. As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses are gifts from the casino that the players can use without making a deposit. They can come in many different forms, like free bets, free spins, and cash bonuses. These bonuses are generally for players that are new to the live casino, but they can also be utilized to promote new products or games to qualified players. Learn how to find no deposit bonuses in the best and trusted live casinos, and much more.

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2023 / 01 / 30

Welcome Bonus

Live casinos are a vital part of the gambling world and, in turn, online casinos. Most online casinos offer live games no matter where the players are or their time zone. Players are interested in games that provide a more realistic experience like live casinos, as it brings an atmosphere that is as close to a real casino as can be had on a laptop or desktop. The most common type of bonus that live casinos offer is welcome bonuses. These bonuses are designed to attract new players to the betting platform and get them to spend some of their own money.

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Deposit methods
2023 / 01 / 30

American Express

American Express (Amex) is the third most popular credit card brand on Earth. Unlike Visa and Mastercard, Amex generally issues credit cards itself, giving it more control over how they are used. Even though mainly of its services aims at players in the United States, it is a popular payment method all around the globe. Players now have a long list of live casinos to choose from. Below are the best live casinos accepting American Express recommended for players.

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2023 / 01 / 30


Live Blackjack is one of the most popular and famous table games in the world of gambling. It is a top-picked game to choose from in live casinos. An innovation within gaming where online players have streamed a live video of a real person dealing cards. Communication with the live dealer happens in real-time using a text chat function and bets are placed via a console on the player's computer screen. Players can enjoy this exceptional and thrilling experience playing at the best online live blackjack where gamers are brought closer to action with a camera following every move.

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2023 / 01 / 27

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is highly regarded in gambling circles. This card game continues to attract a community of devoted punters in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. The overwhelming simplicity of the game, low house edge, and most importantly, the glitz and glamour have all made this table game a darling to many.

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Latest news

Which Game to Choose for Better Experience – Slots or Table Games

Which Game to Choose for Better Experience – Slots or Table Games

There will always be a debate about which type of game is better, slots or table games. Both games have a huge fan base, but it hasn't been determined which game is better. So, even though both games are excellent and provide a fun experience, there will always be the question of which one is better.

Best Tips for Beginners to Win in a Live Casino

Best Tips for Beginners to Win in a Live Casino

Live casinos’ popularity is skyrocketing daily. Physical casinos have been in a business way before live ones, but live casinos are even exceeding the physical casinos' popularity. This is a remarkable feat to carry out. Players who wager online outnumber those who wager in person by a significant margin. Moreover, live casinos are convenient for users.

How to Avoid Scams in a Live Casino

How to Avoid Scams in a Live Casino

Due to their enormous popularity, there are currently more live casinos than ever before. Because there are so many live casinos available, choosing one might be confusing for anyone. In light of the possibility that live casinos are the best ones available, concerns over fraud will undoubtedly increase.

What are Live Casino Dealers and How Do They Work?

What are Live Casino Dealers and How Do They Work?

In 2022, live casinos are perhaps the best casinos available. Some might debate whether mobile casinos are better. They are only if they provide live casino games in the app. Live casinos have changed the whole experience of online gamblers. First, it was just online gambling in an online casino. Now, online, you can experience the thrill of land-based casinos while staying in your comfort zone.

Live Casinos

Live Casinos

Many players enjoy the feeling of having the experience of real casinos but prefer to gamble from home. That's where we at LiveCasinoRank come in. An online live casino has now created a platform where players can play their favorite games in real-time via video live stream. A live casino allows playing with a real dealer played in front of your computer, tablet, or cellphone, without visiting a gambling facility.

How We Find and Review the Best Live Casinos

We help players find the top live casinos online, so how do we help our customers choose the best live online casinos? Check out the criteria we use when we do live casino reviews.

  • A great selection of games for customers to try
  • Bonuses that truly benefit the customer
  • High potential jackpots and competitive odds
  • Ease of use and commitment to customer service
  • Safe, secure, and responsible operations, supporting sustainable gambling
  • A great customer experience
  • Reliable gaming software delivering real-time connections for remote players
Live Casinos
Live Casino Dealers

Live Casino Dealers

A live casino is a live experience managed by a real dealer filmed remotely. It is like any other online casino on the market, except that it uses real dealers to deal with the hands. You can interact with the dealer through chat functionality or by voice.

People enjoy live casinos because of the social interaction with the casino dealer and that you can see what is happening right in front of you. Hands being dealt, roulette ball spinning around the wheel e.g.

Many gamblers think it’s a more immersive experience than a regular online casino. Live casinos often offer the same games as in land-based casinos and on other online casino sites.

Some of the top casinos with live dealers deliver:

  • Real-life experience
  • Live stream in real-time
  • Easier money management
  • Better convenience
  • More accessible communication with the live dealers
  • Chat options
Live Casino Dealers
Payment Methods Available in Online Live Casinos

Payment Methods Available in Online Live Casinos

Players have to keep in mind what various payment methods are available in the live casino market. Are they accepting the preferred payment method? How quick are the withdrawals? What are the fees? Is the payment method safe? We will guide players to get all their questions answered.


Visa is still one of the most broadly used and accepted forms of payment around the world. As a result, this type of payment is among the most popular in the live casino gambling market, too. Players use their Visa cards to add funds to their casino accounts and enjoy safe and responsible gambling via the live connection. Read more about Visa here.


Mastercard is another tried-and-tested payment method for retailers and service providers in many global locations. Customers often use their Mastercard credit card facility to provide funding to live online casino accounts, and the vast majority of live casino providers will accept Mastercard payments from their clients. Read more about Mastercard here.


Skrill is a popular digital wallet for sending and receiving money online. It's also a widely used payment solution, allowing customers to make swift, easy, and secure payments to live casinos across a variety of different currencies and transaction types. Live casinos are aware of the advantages of Skrill, and many offer this option to their customers. Read more about Skrill here.


With Paysafecard, security, safety, and peace of mind are maintained at all times. This payment option utilizes a prepaid card that is secured with a PIN code and is unconnected to any other bank account or asset. Read more about Paysafecard here.


PayPal is an online transfer and digital wallet solution with wide accessibility and extensive security. It has a trusted transaction dispute mechanism, with terms and conditions varying for each country. PayPal offers no fees for most users, along with instant deposits and cashouts from instant to 48 hours. Read more about PayPal in live casinos here.


ecoPayz is another handy digital wallet that supports a multitude of different currency types from across the world. Many live casinos now allow customers to use ecoPayz to deposit funds to their gaming account. ecoPayz accounts are designed to be easy to open, and the payment mechanism is built with the user experience in mind. Read more about ecoPayz here.


Bitcoin is no longer the new arrival on the global payments scene. It's now well and truly established and is already being accepted by plenty of retailers and service providers around the world. The live casino landscape is no exception here, and gamers will be able to use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to make payments to many of the customer's favorite live casino games platforms. Read more about Bitcoin here.


Trustly is an online payment provider offering secure integration with existing bank accounts. This means customers can rely on this service to complete safe and swift payments to live casino gaming providers. The Trustly solution is growing in popularity and is accepted by many live casinos. Read more about Trustly here.


Neteller is a trusted e-wallet provider. This service allows players to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and a VIP reward scheme is also available. Neteller has no fees, instant deposits, and cashouts from instant to 48 hours. Read more about Neteller in live casinos here.

Payment Methods Available in Online Live Casinos
What Games Are Available at Live Dealer Casinos?

What Games Are Available at Live Dealer Casinos?

Whether customers are looking for dice-based chance games, card games, probability games, or something involving a bit more skill and strategy, a live casino can offer this.

Here are some of the best live casino games that players can expect to find when they visit a live casino. The diversity of choice ensures that there's something to suit all tastes and preferences.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack has long been a favorite among casino patrons, and for good reason. A swift and exciting playing style makes blackjack a lively and engaging game for customers, while simple and straightforward rules ensure accessibility for gamers of all backgrounds. Live blackjack games bring the thrill of physical casino gambling into the online environment, adding extra levels of comfort and convenience to the overall experience.

Players will be connected to a live dealer at a table and able to communicate with this dealer via the chosen platform. Typically, this will take place in the form of a live text chat function, supporting real-time messaging. All players will also have a live video link to the table, helping them to stay connected with the action.

Just like in real life, players will receive their cards from the dealer and stick or twist their way to 21 — or as close as they can get to this target. Read more about live blackjack here.

Live Roulette

Roulette offers one of the quintessential casino experiences for players. The classic colors of red and black, with a dash of green, have become synonymous with casino gambling, and the excitement and thrill of this type of fast-paced gaming are hard to beat. With the right live casino platform and software, players can connect with this scintillating gaming experience from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

As a live roulette player, each customer will be connected to the action by video link, so they can see everything that is going on as the ball enters the wheel and lands upon a number. Essentially, players have the opportunity to connect with live roulette action in the casino, directly from their own home.

Roulette games continue to be some of the most popular options in live casinos. Live streaming and real-time information relay are helping to support this popularity. Read more about live roulette here.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular game in casinos around the world, and live baccarat is bringing this form of casino play to an even broader audience. When playing baccarat, customers receive a hand of cards from the dealer. They then compare this hand with the cards held by the dealer themselves, resulting in a win for the player, a tie, or a win for the dealer — otherwise known as the banker.

During a live baccarat game, players are connected to a game that is going ahead in real-time and is dealt genuine cards that are represented digitally on the screen. They will see exactly what is going on at all times, and customers can enjoy the same kind of thrilling experience they would if they were visiting a physical casino.

Different live casinos may operate different types of baccarat games, so players should familiarize themselves with the house rules and variations before they sit down to play. Read more about live baccarat here.

Live Casino Holdem

Poker is a classic card game that is signature of many casinos across North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. Casino customers love poker because it combines elements of luck, strategy, and psychology within the gameplay. The result is a brilliant mix of player skill and experience along with the excitement of a game of chance.

One of the most popular types of poker is Holdem, in which two cards are dealt to each player, and the best possible hand is formed from these cards and community cards in the center of the table. The player with the most valuable hand is the winner — unless someone is bluffing.

Live casino Holdem delivers all of this excitement via a real-time video link, connecting the player and their device to the action. Customers draw upon their experience in this game as they strategize the next move, or they can choose lower-stakes live casino games to hone their skills. Read more about live casino Holdem here.

Live Sic Bo

Sic bo — also known as big and small or hi-lo — is a dice-based game of chance from the Far East. It's also become a popular choice in casinos around the world. Originally enjoyed by members of local Chinese communities, sic bo has since taken on a far more international flavor and is played by casino customers of all backgrounds.

Live casino players can also enjoy the unique experience offered by sic bo. In a live sic bo game, the player will be connected directly to the action via their computer, tablet, or smartphone. They'll be able to see the dice rolls in real time as they watch the game unfold.

Customers can choose their betting conditions via the platform and then place their bets. Winners and losers are decided by the roll of three dice, with players betting on the probable outcome of each set of rolls. Read More about live Sic Bo here.

Other Live Games

At its heart, a live casino is basically just a casino like any other. The only difference is the video or live chat link as well as the convenience and comfort of playing from any location across the world. As a result, there are plenty of live casino games to choose from when customers visit this kind of digital venue — basically, if it's played in a physical casino, players will find it in the live casino, too.

Perhaps a customer is looking for games such as live craps or another dice game. Maybe they want some variation in their card game options and are in search of live Caribbean stud or different forms of live poker. Or maybe they simply want something fast-paced and thrilling, like live casino war.

Different live casinos offer a different range of gaming options. Players can find their favorite by browsing the best online live casinos in the market.

What Games Are Available at Live Dealer Casinos?
What Are the Top Live Casino Software Providers?

What Are the Top Live Casino Software Providers?

The most prominent live casino software providers within the live genre are:

Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

Netent is a Swedish casino software company and one of the top leading live casino software providers in the world. Net Entertainment is the creator of many iconic casino games known all around the globe; the list below created by CasinoRank is a summary of the most known NetEnt games.

  • Starburst

  • Hall of gods

  • Blood Suckers slots

  • Theme Park slot

  • Gonzo’s Quest

Evolution Gaming

The other leading live casino provider on the market right now is a Swedish company called Evolution Gaming. They were fast to see the growth potential within the live niche and acted on it quickly. They currently have operations in several European countries with a significant number of employees scattered around the globe.

Compared to Net Entertainment, Evolution Gaming has not put any effort at all into traditional casino games, all games developed by them are strictly within live genre.


Even though it is one of the newer casino software developers, it is one of the top live casino software developers. The software provider specializes in the production of live games and is well trusted with its several gaming licenses from some of the top gaming authorities.

Some of the games that Ezugi provides are:

  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Casino Hold´em


Based in Lithuania and Malta, BetGames serves markets from the UK to Latvia and from Italy to South Africa. With a growing team behind them, BetGames develop casino live dealer casino gambling products designed to entertain, excite, and engage customers. BetGames software products are generally geared toward low-stake, low-risk markets.


Playtech is among the leaders in the live casino software field, providing a strong digital base for gaming companies as they offer the very best in entertainment to customers. Based in the UK but with a global outlook, Playtech continues to expand its reach across the world.

Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming taps into market trends and player preference data, creating live casino software that supports a growing and evolving market. The organization specializes in providing software for premium gaming products, replicating that real-life casino experience via digital connections delivered across the world.

Visionary Gaming

Visionary Gaming seeks to bring an entertaining and engaging experience to iGamers in various markets across the world. To achieve this, they offer live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other gaming software, optimized for use on desktop computers and mobile or tablet devices.

What Are the Top Live Casino Software Providers?
How to Find the Best Live Casino Online?

How to Find the Best Live Casino Online?

When choosing the best online live casinos, there are several factors to consider. In the below list, Live CasinoRank has compiled the most important factors to consider when choosing the right casino for your needs.

Bonus Is the bonus amount offered the most crucial element for you? How big is the bonus amount you can receive from a particular casino provider? The more is not always better; sometimes, smaller bonuses come with lower wagering requirements'
LoyaltyDoes the casino offer a loyalty program?
Deposit methods What kind of deposit options does the casino have?
Withdrawal optionsWhat kind of withdrawal options does the casino have?

LanguageWhat languages does the dealer speak? Do you have any particular requirements?
SoftwareWhat software providers are offered by the casino? If you have any favorite games you would like to play in a live version, make sure to check which software provider offers it.
LicenseDoes the casino have a credible license? It should ensure your safety and protection.
Support methodsWhat are the customer support hours? Are they easily reachable to either call, email or live chat?
ComplianceWhich compliance agency governs the casino game you would like to play?

No matter what your criteria are, you can use CasinoRank© to compare the best casinos on the web. All of the casinos displayed by us have something that makes them stand out, which qualifies them to be on our live casino list.

Which one you choose is up to you, but we are confident that we will help you find a provider that satisfies your needs.

How to Find the Best Live Casino Online?
Guide to Live Casinos

Guide to Live Casinos

We at CasinoRank will help you with the process when signing up for a casino. We will walk you through everything you need to know in the below guides.

How to get started
How do you know the casino is safe?
Tips on how you can improve your gaming strategy
Bankroll management
Casino wordlist
Guide to Live Casinos
Live Casino Studios

Live Casino Studios

The live gaming studios are where all the gaming action happens. The increase in the number of live sites has created a new market, studios. A live casino studio is a remote casino where gameplay is being filmed and broadcasted on the web. With a real live dealer who oversees the game, it gives players all over the world a real-life experience to enjoy. The live studios are often set up in places where casino and online casino is a big part of the economy, Malta is one example. But they are also available all around the world. LiveCasinoRank has compiled a list of live studios around the world including Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

When choosing a live casino studio there are different important factors to keep in mind, such as:

  • Live Dealer Languages
  • Reliable Streams
  • Game Selection
  • Game Licensing
  • Opening Hours
  • Support and General Environment
Live Casino Studios
Is it Safe to do Live Gambling?

Is it Safe to do Live Gambling?

Safety at a live casino is one of the most important aspects to think of. To have strong security of the site like encryption so that no third parties get access to your personal data.

All of the leading operators have been certified by third parties, which guarantees that operations are running correctly. All serious casinos also have licenses to be online and live operators. Here at LiveCasinoRank, we only have listed safe and secure casinos for you to enjoy. Our casino reviews will help you find a live casino site suitable for you.

Live Casino Legality

Live casinos are legal. Big casino brands are certified by compliance companies like:

  • eCOGRA

  • NMI

  • Bureau Veritas

  • SIQ

  • Itec labs

Read more about safe and trusted live casinos here.

Is it Safe to do Live Gambling?

Rwanda is a vibrant African country, which is located in the center of the continent and borders other nations such as Uganda and Tanzania. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali, and the population of the country is 12 million people. The country suffered a horrific genocide in 1994 when almost a million Hutu people were killed.

Section icon
Rwandan Live Casinos

Rwandan Live Casinos

Live casinos are entirely legal in Rwanda. In 2011, the country passed Law No. 58, paving the way for the introduction of legal, licensed, and regulated gambling. The Rwanda Gambling Board was established under this law in 2013 to oversee and control all gambling activities in the country, including live casinos.

While Rwanda has internet censorship, this is targeted at political content, given that the African country has had a turbulent past that saw millions killed in a civil war. Hence, players are not restricted from playing at top casino sites online. Besides, there is no such thing as prosecution for gamblers. Recently, the country introduced a 4G mobile internet, which is necessary for top-quality live streams. This opened more opportunities for live dealer casino lovers. As such, the popularity of live casino games in Rwanda continues to soar, with more citizens joining the gaming community.

How to Choose the Best Live Casino in Rwanda

Apparently, live casino players in Rwanda are on a constant lookout for the best gaming venues online. With nothing restricting them from accessing foreign-based sites, they can easily land in the hands of poor or rogue service providers. That's why a good amount of research is needed when looking for the best live casino in Rwanda. With the internet, this should not be a tall order. But not many Rwandans can walk the research path since it can be long and sometimes tedious. To make work easier, CasinoRank does all the heavy lifting by reviewing and listing top casino sites in Rwanda.

The recommended Rwandan casinos found at CasinoRank are absolutely legitimate and licensed by either country-based institutions or reputable offshore organizations. In creating this list, the experts here check the reputation, customer support, table limits, bonuses, licensing, and accepted payment methods, among other aspects.

Rwandan Live Casinos
Why Choose a Live Casino in One's Country or Region

Why Choose a Live Casino in One's Country or Region

The best live casinos are rarely based in the player's country or region unless one is from gambling hubs like Curacao, Malta, and the United Kingdom. However, the feeling and experience that comes with playing at a casino based in one's home country are unrivaled. For instance, most local casinos will set table limits that suit their local players. For instance, Rwanda is a developing country, so the table limits here may not be the same as the table limits in the UK.

Additionally, local-based live casinos in Rwanda would deliver the following perks:

  • Players can play in the Rwandan franc
  • Players can play and interact with native dealers
  • Players can feel a sense of security since the government protects them from fraudsters by ensuring only licensed operators offer services to them
Why Choose a Live Casino in One's Country or Region
History of Gambling in Rwanda

History of Gambling in Rwanda

Despite being a small country, Rwanda has a good gambling history. In fact, the country's first national lottery was established in 2008 and was run by Tila Games, a gaming company licensed by Lotto Rwanda. In 2011, Rwanda enacted its first actual gambling law. Before then, the country did not have any explicit policies or laws to govern gambling; hence, the law would come as a godsend for the citizens who feared for their safety in the hands of casino operators.

In 2013, the government of Rwanda formed the Rwanda Gaming Board to regulate all forms of gambling and issue gambling licenses to operators in the country. However, there are still no online casino operators with a license from the board as of 2022. That's perhaps because there are already more than enough foreign-based casino sites accepting Rwandans.

History of Gambling in Rwanda
Gambling in Live Casinos Nowadays in Rwanda

Gambling in Live Casinos Nowadays in Rwanda

Like elsewhere, live casinos are the latest trend in Rwanda as far as online casino gaming is concerned. In this gaming format, players can see human dealers in the casino studio and interact with them in real-time. All the action is brought to the player's screen live, so they feel as though they are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. With the Rwandan government has made the environment so conducive for both players and operators, there is no doubt that live casinos in Rwanda have won players' confidence in the country.

Besides, every top casino in Rwanda is mobile-friendly. That's because the operators understand that many Rwandese residents rely on smartphones to access online gambling services. So, there is an increased demand for mobile-friendly live casino games in the country today. With a good internet connection, the residents can play a vast array of top live casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, poker, and roulette, on the move.

Gambling in Live Casinos Nowadays in Rwanda
Future of Live Casinos in Rwanda

Future of Live Casinos in Rwanda

As the previous sections explained, online casinos were legalized only recently in Rwanda under Law No. 58 (passed in 2011), and there were no specific regulations to control the country's iGaming industry before then. With the law clearly explaining what operators must do to offer services in the country, it is no surprise that many live casino operators will enter the Rwandese market in the future.

However, considering the slow rate of internet penetration in the African nation, there is no doubt that the inability to access live casinos will remain to be the elephant in the room. For instance, only about 30% of the country's population had access to the internet in 2021. If the rate of internet penetration increases, the iGaming industry in Rwanda will definitely grow, attracting many foreign investors.

Another thing that will help Rwanda live casinos to thrive is the introduction of new payment methods for gamers in the country. Cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are fast becoming popular in the industry. Thanks to their safety and convenience, these payment methods will likely attract many live casino game players in Rwanda. All these said and done, the live casino sector in Rwanda has a bright future, and no one can dare claim otherwise.

Future of Live Casinos in Rwanda
Top Live Casino Software Providers in Rwanda

Top Live Casino Software Providers in Rwanda

One thing that many casino players don't know is the fact that game developers are the powerhouse behind top live casino games. In fact, very few casinos have in-house teams creating their own content. Interestingly, some live dealer games are streamed directly from the developers' studios. So, it is important that Rwandan players know which software providers fuel the live games they love. So far, the providers that stand out in the Rwandan market include Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Microgaming.

Evolution Gaming

As the biggest live dealer game supplier, Evolution offers numerous world-class titles streamed live from their state-of-the-art central studios located in North America and Europe. The company boasts an impressive portfolio, including innovative First-Person and classic games with superior 3D graphics, among them including;

  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Lightning Roulette
  • Dream Catcher


Playtech delivers high-end live games to almost every top casino site in Rwanda. The firm is known for titles such as Speed Roulette, Casino Hold'em, and Ultimate Blackjack. In 2020, the company demonstrated its innovative mettle by turning a slot machine into a unique live casino experience known as the Adventures Beyond Wonderland show.

Top Live Casino Software Providers in Rwanda


Able to release new titles each month, Microgaming is an award-winning developer with a huge reputation. The developer's live games are streamed from their stylish studios in Argentina, Canada, and the Philippines. Popular live games here include;

  • Bonus Baccarat
  • 7 Seat Blackjack
  • Casino Hold’em
Best Bonuses in Rwanda

Best Bonuses in Rwanda

Bonuses are not very common at Rwanda live casinos. But this is not unique to Rwanda, so there is nothing wrong with that. However, that does not mean that live casino players in the country have no access to live casino bonuses. Gone are the days when the internet had only a handful of top casino sites offering live games. With the existence of hundreds of such platforms, competition for players cannot be avoided. So, operators who want to keep their customers have one option: to offer bonuses. But what are the top casino bonuses in Rwanda?

Welcome Bonuses

This is the most sought-after bonus type in the country. Welcome bonuses come in large quantities, with most of them doubling the player's bankroll. They target new players who sign up and make a deposit.

High-Roller Bonuses

These bonuses are exclusive offers meant for high rollers- players who deposit large sums of money and wager big. These guys don't fear losing big, so there could be no better way to reward them. High-roller bonuses are usually given as a cash gift or match deposit bonus. High rollers are also enrolled in a VIP club where they can access perks such as high deposit limits, faster transactions, a dedicated account manager, etc.

Reload Bonuses

When existing live casino players make a deposit (other than the initial deposit), and the casino gives them a bonus, it is called a reload bonus. New players are not entitled to this kind of bonus.

Other Bonuses

  • Free bets
  • Competitions/Tournaments

How to Claim These Bonuses

Claiming a live casino bonus is as simple as ABC. Here is a quick rundown for Rwandan players who have never done it before.

  1. Finding the best live casino in Rwanda that offers the bonus
  2. Registering a player account by following the instructions provided by the site
  3. Understanding the bonus terms and conditions
  4. Making a deposit
  5. Meeting the requirements of the bonus (e.g., wagering requirements, a VIP status, etc.)

Depending on the casino, a bonus code may be required. This is usually stated in the terms and conditions.

Best Bonuses in Rwanda
Playing with Real Money in Rwanda

Playing with Real Money in Rwanda

Many online casinos offer free game versions to help players cut their teeth on gaming and get used to the sites. Save for the fact that players win nothing or points (at best), free gameplay is the same as real money gaming. Having said that, it is important to appreciate that live casino games in Rwanda are not available for free gameplay. Offering these games is so demanding on the part of the casino, so no operator would dare offer them for free. That leaves players with one option of using real money to access the games and enjoy the fun.

To play with real money simply means depositing money into one's casino account and using the money to place bets on the games they want. In other words, Rwandans have to risk their francs to unlock games.

Tips for Playing with Real Money in Rwanda

As mentioned above, real money gameplay is about risking real money. So, Rwandan players have to do their best to minimize losses. Too much losses can result in a string of problems, including problem gambling, broken families, and poverty. Here are some handy tips to help Rwandans who want to play for real money.

Playing Games with High RTP

Every live casino game comes with a house edge, a statistical advantage of the casino over players. It is usually a small percentage, hardly more than 5%. Players stand a better chance to win or lose less when playing games with a low house edge. This explains why many people may prefer European roulette over American roulette.

Collecting the Best Bonuses

However little it is, free money should not be missed. As mentioned in the previous section, Rwandans have access to a wide range of bonuses, including cashback, welcome, and reload bonuses.

Playing Within a Budget Limit

The is no such bad thing as going overboard with casino deposits. Once a player sets a budget, it is best to stick to it, no matter how long their losing streak is. Besides, chasing losses causes more harm than good.

Playing with Real Money in Rwanda
Live Casino Payment Methods in Rwanda

Live Casino Payment Methods in Rwanda

There can never be a shortage of payment methods for casino players in a country where gambling is legal. Such is the case in Rwanda. From cards and e-wallets to bank transfers and everything in between, Rwandans have many banking options at their disposal. It pays to have a brief look at some of these.


Visa of the most popular payment methods in the world, VISA enjoys a strong presence in Rwanda, not only among casino players but across the entire population. It is a fast and secure card payment, and Rwandan players can use it to deposit and withdraw funds. And, it is difficult to find a single top casino site in Rwanda without VISA listed among its payment methods.


Along with VISA, Mastercard leads the way as far card payments are concerned. Like VISA, it is accepted across live casinos in Rwanda and is secure and easy to use.


PayPal is one of the most used electronic wallets in the world. And while opening and verifying a PayPal account can be an engaging process, it's worth all the time and effort since users won't struggle using the service. The service takes data security so seriously that casinos won't be able to access players' financial information. Besides, PayPal supports various currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP.


This e-commerce platform allows Rwandans to receive and send money from live casinos. Skrill is a popular e-wallet for quick, secure deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, Skrill does not drain players' pockets when it comes to processing fees.

Other Payment Methods for Rwandan Players

  • Neteller
  • Entropay
  • EcoPayz

Rwandan Currency

The Rwandan franc is the authorized tender used in Rwanda. It exists in the form of banknotes and coins. Most Rwandan live casinos accept this currency, so players in the country should not struggle when it comes to finding casinos that accept their currency.

Live Casino Payment Methods in Rwanda
Laws and Restrictions in Rwanda

Laws and Restrictions in Rwanda

The gambling legislation in Rwanda comprises several laws that regulate gambling activities within the country's jurisdiction. Chief among them, as already mentioned, is Law No. 58, enacted in 2011.

The Law No. 58

According to this law, various forms of gambling are legal in Rwanda, and it grants a general licensing system for online gambling. It requires every iGaming operator in Rwanda to obtain a license from the Rwanda Gambling Board before they can offer services to the country's residents.

The Rwandan Gambling License

To get a gambling license in Rwanda, operators need to apply to the Rwanda Gambling Board via the regulator's website. The Law No. 58 and Ministerial Order No. 01/013 set the licensing fees and requirements. Here are the types of licenses issued by the board;

  • Internet gaming
  • Sportsbook
  • Gaming machine
  • Casino

Gambling operators, including live casino sites, in Rwanda, are eligible to receive a gambling license if, among others;

  • They have never been denied a gaming license in the country or elsewhere
  • They have not been involved in any criminal offense involving dishonesty, fraud, or money laundering
  • Their company is not involved in any insolvency or foreclosure proceedings
  • Their company has enough capital to finance the entire project
  • They comply with all the requirements of Law No. 58

The Law No. 016

This is the law that determines the gambling tax rates in Rwanda. Enacted in 2018, the law requires gambling operators to withhold 15% percent of players' winnings. So, the winnings received by players are already taxed. The operators are also required to pay 13% of their gross gaming revenue as tax.

Laws and Restrictions in Rwanda


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is a live casino online?

A live casino is where gamblers can play their favorite live games in real-time via video live stream. A real dealer is filmed remotely in front of your computer, tablet, or cellphone, without visiting a gambling facility.

Do live casinos have real dealers at the table?

In many cases, a live casino will have real dealers at the table. Live casinos operate in the same way as regular casinos, delivering casino gambling and gaming via a video link across the internet connection. When it comes to gaming, all of the aspects players would expect from a regular casino will be present and correct — including the dealers at the table.

Can you really win money playing in live casino?

Yes, players can win money while playing in a live casino. Just like in a regular casino, there is no guarantee that customers will be successful when they gamble. There is no assured route to a big win in a casino, and staked money is always at risk. However, it certainly is possible to win when playing live casino games.

Can anyone play in a live casino?

Anyone can play online in a live casino, provided the customer is legally able to gamble in their jurisdiction. Casinos also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone they choose. If the casino management believes that someone is acting fraudulently or illegally, they may not permit that person to continue playing or to enter the casino's physical or digital property.

Are live casinos rigged?

No, live casinos are not rigged. When a player chooses a reputable live casino provider, they are working with a fully licensed business owner who will protect their rights as a consumer. In every jurisdiction in the world, it is illegal to rig a casino live game and defraud someone out of their money. As long as the customer finds live casinos via a reputable source, the games will not be rigged.

Are live casinos studios open 24/7?

Different live casino studios operate different rules, and this includes opening hours. However, some casinos will be open on a 24-hour basis, and players will be able to find a live casino game whenever they want to.

Can I play live casino games on any handheld device?

Consumers certainly can play live casino games on handheld devices. They just need to bear in mind that they will require a strong and reliable data connection to support streaming and other aspects of the service. Live casino connections will be data-intensive, so a WiFi connection is recommended. Older smartphones and tablet devices may struggle to provide the processing power needed to achieve the best gaming experience.

How does a live casino compare to a real casino?

A live casino is very similar to a real casino in many ways. Customers will still have live casino games, with live dealers on hand as they play. The only difference is that customers are not physically in the building, which means they won't have access to other facilities that may be found in a brick-and-mortar casino. The casino live games, however, are largely the same.

Who can help me if I have any issues with a live casino?

There will be a support team on hand to help customers with any issues they encounter while they play in a live casino. If customers believe there is anything unusual about a specific live casino provider, and they think we should know about this, they can reach out directly to our team. Safe and secure experiences for all players are our top priority.

Where can I find live casino reviews?

Here at LiveCasinoRank, we know the struggle to find a safe and reliable live casino. Therefore we´d like to help our customers to choose the best live casinos out there. Check out our list when we do live casino reviews.

What is the meaning of live casinos?

Live casinos offer a thrilling experience with a real dealer being filmed online remotely. Gamblers can play games in front of their computer at their homes.