The technology behind live casinos



Saying that live online casino has been successful in the past few decades is an understatement. This is a huge industry with annual revenue that’s worth billions. Online gambling is constantly boosting its growth because of the introduction of new technologies. For example, due to mobile gaming this industry has a projected revenue of $59 billion by 2023 and it won’t probably stop there. Live casinos are also essential when it comes for the success of this industry.

The technology behind live casinos

They are marketed as the best technological advance in the industry since live casino serve as a bridge for a gap when it comes to physical versus online casinos. They give you the atmosphere of physical casinos while they have all the advantages of an online casino, which means that you don’t have to get out of your home in order to play. These are available on any device.

They use a combination of advanced technologies. These live casinos rely on sev eral components in order to give players an experience as identical as playing in Vegas.

GCU (Game Control Unit)

This component is an integral part of any live casino game. It’s hidden inside each table and it’s a very small device. It will decode the video stream and convert the feed to date in order so you can see it in HD quality. Without it, live casinos wouldn’t literally exist.

OCR (Optical Camera Recognition)

The optical camera recognition software records everything that happens in the studio and it streams it back to you. It captures all the action from card shuffling and dealing to the live dealer’s action, it’s definitely a major component in the live casino wheel. Thanks to OCR, you’re able to communicate with the dealer live making the experience even better. It’s simply the X-factor that makes live casinos so similar to physical casinos.

Web Cameras

Just like the GCU, the cameras are essential when it comes to a live casino. Live streaming is vital in any live casino since it transmits the video feed from the studio to the device you’re using. Without the cameras, that you’d not be possible.

However, these aren’t regular cameras that you see or use every day. Live casinos use special HD or even 4K cameras with high frames rates which allow the best slow-mo action.

Because of these cameras, it’s possible to see the action on a live roulette wheel or a live dealer live dealer blackjack from several angles which is impossible to see when you’re at a physical casino.

Live casinos have plenty of advantages over physical casinos. They have a lot of convenience and something that you can also find at these casinos is the social interaction with the dealers. Another thing that’s great is the mobile compatibility and that makes everything even better, especially for those who like to play through a smartphone or tablet. With the growth of new technologies such as VR, it’s expected that live casinos evolve much more in the future. Right now, live casinos are a great to play some games and to have fun.

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