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Registering for an account with a GetSlots opens up a world of gaming opportunities. You can access all of the provider's features, such as a selection of Live Casino games, safe payment methods, and some of the best bonuses - just by creating an account. Sign up to learn more about what GetSlots has to offer and take the first step toward an exciting Live Casino experience!

It is very important to enter correct information when one registers for an account because later on, players will have to go through the verification procedure. In case, a player makes a mistake when entering personal details, they need to contact Customer Support. Players need to maintain their accounts and keep their details up-to-date.

Each player is allowed to have only one account at GetSlots casino per household, telephone number, and payment system.

Players who attempt to open more than one account to take advantage of bonuses and promotions are risking having all their accounts suspended.

Players who want to create a new account should contact Customer Support, and they will have the old account closed once they open a new one.

When registering for an account, a player has to choose a username and password which they will use every time they want to log in. players should keep their login details for themselves and not share it with anyone else.

Account Verification

ID verification is a legal requirement for any licensed casino. Players will have to send copies of legal documents to prove they are who they say they are.

GetSlots Casino is a fully registered casino, and for that reason, they will go through all the necessary checks to make sure that they know all their customers.

The identification procedure is done for many different reasons, and one very important one is to reduce the risk of illegal activities, such as money laundering.

Unfortunately, casinos are a perfect target for criminals and they see it as a great way to launder their money by depositing and then withdrawing it as ‘clean cash’. For this reason, the casinos need to verify each customer's identity. And on top of that, to protect themselves from these kinds of illegal activities each deposit needs to be wagered at least once before a customer can request a withdrawal.

Another very common fraud is impersonating, where players can illegally obtain credit card details to fund their accounts. This is why account verification is a very important part, both to protect casinos and players as well.

Each casino has varying time frames when they require verification documents, some will request them upon registration while others before making a withdrawal.

Players need to provide documents to prove their name, age, address, and ownership of their banking method. These are some of the documents they can send:

To prove their identity, players can send a copy of their National ID Card, Driver's license, or Passport. Players need to make sure that the scanned document is visible and players should not manipulate the picture or any other data. And the date of the document must be still valid because an expired document will not be accepted.

To prove their address, players need to send a copy of the utility bill, phone bill, bank statement, credit card statement, or any other official government document. Players need to make sure that they send a scan of the full document. The document shouldn’t be older than 3 months.

To prove the payment method, players need to send a document that proves that they are the owner of the banking method they used. Players who use credit or debit cards to deposit, need to show the first 6 and last 4 digits of their card. The name and the expiry date need to be visible too, but players can hide the 3 digit CVC code when they scan the back of their card. The card needs to be signed and all 4 corners need to be visible. Players who use Neteller or Skrill need to take a screenshot of their account, which clearly shows their name, email, and account number. Players who use a bank account need to upload their statement or send a screenshot of their online banking profile showing their name and account details.

Once the player sends all the necessary documents, they need to wait for a confirmation email which will usually take a couple of days. The casino needs some time to process all the documents but the good news is that once an account is verified, the player doesn't have to verify it again. Anyhow, the casino reserves the right to request additional documents at any time if they believe it is necessary.

As long as a player sends the necessary documents and proves that they are of legal age to gamble and that they are using their funds to gamble, there are no legal reasons why their casino verification documents should not be accepted.

Anyhow, each casino is a private business, and if they decide that they don’t want to accept a client then there is nothing a person can do in such a situation.

How to Login

When a player creates an account at GetSlots Casino, they need to create a unique username and password. They will have to use these details every time they want to log into their account. We suggest players always sign out of their account when they are done playing, especially if they share their computer with someone. This is another layer of protection that they add to their account.

How to Unlock an Account

Players who act inappropriately or violate the rules are risking having their accounts suspended. There might be a couple of reasons why a casino might block an account and here we will go over the most common ones.

Too many login attempts – It often happens that players forget their login information and so they try to remember it by entering different combinations. GetSlots Casino will take a safety precaution and block such an account. The good news is that since this problem relates to the human factor it can easily be solved by contacting Customer Support.

Verification process failed – Players who fail to go through the verification process might have their account blocked. This usually happens when a player requests for a withdrawal and seeing this as a violation of the rules, the casino will block such an account. If this is the case, the player needs to contact Customer Support and try to resolve the issue by sending copies of legal documents and going through the verification procedure. This will drastically postpone their withdrawal, so for that reason, we advise players to verify their account the moment they create one.

Violation of terms and conditions – players are obliged to read the terms and conditions of the casino so they would avoid violating them. Any player who is in breach of the terms and conditions of the casino is risking having their account blocked and their winnings forfeited.

Committed fraud – Players need to understand that their accounts are being monitored and if they are found committing fraud they will have their account blocked. In most cases, players try to abuse bonuses and promotions and provide fraudulent information.

Players who have several accounts – players are allowed to have only one account, and anyone who tries to open multiple accounts violates terms.

Underage gambling – to join a casino players need to be of legal age to gamble. For that reason, the casino goes over a strict verification procedure to prevent minors from creating accounts.

How to unlock a Casino Account?

Players who realize that their account is blocked can contact Customer Support and they will help them get their account back. In most cases, players are not even aware of the mistakes they make, and they will have their accounts back and running very soon. Anyhow, if a player is in breach of the terms and conditions of the casino they will not be able to get their account back.

The best thing to do first is to not panic, and contact Customer Support and they will do research and see why the account is blocked and what the player has to do to unlock it.

How to Close an Account

It is completely normal for a player to terminate their account at GetSlots Casino, no matter what their reason is.

The decision to close an account is entirely down to the player, but anyhow we suggest each player contact Customer Support, and that way they can make a more informed decision. Namely, if a player closes an account permanently they will not be able to open it again in the future. For that reason, GetSlots Casino offers different options for players to choose from and find the one that suits them the best.

There might be many reasons why a person would want to close their account and we will go over the most common ones:

Changes in Casino Terms and Conditions – when the casino changes the terms and conditions, players don’t have to accept them. This is in most cases when there are changes in the bonus terms. Anyhow, if the changes harm the player, they can consider closing their casino account. The casino can sometimes increase the wagering requirements of a bonus and shorten the duration of the bonus. What is more, they might exclude more games than usual or exclude deposit methods for bonuses. If this is the reason, then the player has a full right to close their account.

Customer Service failed to help – unfortunately, Customer Support at some casinos might not be so helpful after all, and the player loses interest in the brand. Thankfully, every Customer Agent at GetSlots Casino is a trained professional and they will go beyond their way to help each customer in their time of need.

Gambling addiction – some players develop an unhealthy habit of gambling. They believe that gambling can become a source of income just because they hit big a couple of times. What they forget is that winning as well as losing is just a part of the casino experience. No one can guarantee that every wager will turn into a win. When things go downhill, it is good to consider closing the account and focusing on other important things in life.

Suspend Casino Account Temporarily

Players who want to take a break from gambling can consider closing their accounts for a certain period. Players can contact Customer Support and see what Responsible Gambling software they offer.

Players can choose to self-exclude from gambling for 1 hour up to 1 year. Before closing the account, it is a good idea to make a withdrawal of winnings if there are some.