Comparing odds for today’s top Live Casino games



Ethan Tremblay

Choosing a casino game that would meet your expectations as well as style and experience level is basically the key to success, especially if we talk about online casinos. However, once you go through the ranks of the best online casino games, it becomes pretty obvious that Craps, Baccarat, and Blackjack appear to be the most popular options among players.

Comparing odds for today’s top Live Casino games

The games are still very different, and choosing between them, players often ask what the online casino game odds in general are and which table game offers the best odds.

Let’s take a brief overview of Blackjack, Craps, and Baccarat and try to understand whether there is such a thing as a table game with the best odds in online casinos at all.


This table game has always been and will remain the best online casino game. And the most popular also. Mostly because it offers the highest odds; however, once you are after some mindless pastime, Blackjack might not be your best option. As with the best ads among online casino games, it also has the highest demands.

The main idea of Blackjack is that as long as you want to benefit from table game odds as high as half a-penny per dollar, you will have to learn and make some informed in-game decisions. In other words, Blackjack is an example of a game that will require from you some dedication, keen homework, and practical knowledge.


Once you are not up to some decision-making and just want to check how lucky you can be at the online casino table, Craps is the game meant for you.

Most people say that Craps simply cannot offer the best online casino game odds by the definition of the game. However, experts claim that the magic spell “Pass Line” will initially boost up your odds.

Considering the Pass Line house edge, you are looking at a perspective to lose about a penny for every dollar you spend in the game.

Another tangible benefit of Craps for many players of online casinos is the option to fire a dice with just one tap of the finger. In other words, it is fast, instant, and as long as luck is on your side, you will see how your bankroll is growing pretty fast.


Baccarat is another popular online casino table game with pretty high odds. Another advantage of playing Baccarat is that the rules of this game are pretty straightforward. Betting on the player or the banker, you get access to pretty high table game odds once you find yourself at a table with decent stakes.

And here comes the main trick of this prosperous online casino table game. Online casinos often offer significantly higher betting limits for baccarat tables. It often scares off players, especially those who cannot boast with enormous bankrolls.

However, experts would say that it is a huge mistake as playing at a high-stakes table boosts the table game odds and appears more promising than wasting time at a mediocre-stake table with practically non-existing winning odds.

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