How to Use Math to Play Blackjack Online and Win



Math is a devil that most gamblers have to live with. Players have to calculate their bankrolls, game odds, RTP rates, and so on. One casino game that strongly relies on math is blackjack. Embracing the arithmetic behind the game guarantees frequent wins. So, read to the end to learn a few tips on how to play blackjack online and win using math.

How to Use Math to Play Blackjack Online and Win

1. Blackjack RTP (Return to Player Percentage) and House Edge

Typically, math is at the center of how much the live casino and the play er makes. Each blackjack game you play online has an RTP rate and house advantage. This algorithm determines how much you lose after each gaming session. The RTP is calculated by subtracting the house advantage from 100%. For example, if the house advantage is 2%, the RTP is 98%. So, if a blackjack player wagers $100, the maximum they can win is $98. Therefore, choose the lowest possible house edge.

2. Odds Based on a Set of Cards

When you play online blackjack live dealers, a set of cards controls the play. Each deck has 52 cards, even if there are 8 or 6 decks on the table. On the other hand, the base game only uses 13 sets because the jack of spades and jack of diamonds are the same. So, no matter the number of cards used, only 13 ranks of cards and decks are available. Use this vital information every other time you play on live casinos or land-based casinos.

3. Doubling Down

When playing blackjack, the usefulness of math continues when a player needs to know their chances of winning and getting more money. If you hold a hard 9, 10, or 11, it’s best to double down immediately than to hit. This lets you receive more cards to complete your hand and double cash on the hand. If the dealer’s hand is holding an ace and you have a hard 11, you should double down. As for a hard 10, the dealer should have a 10-point card or an ace for you to double down. Lastly, double down if the dealer has a 3 through 6 and you have a 9.

4. Card Counting

When playing blackjack and poker online, card counting is a common practice. That said, you’ll be up against the ruthless house edge even when you’re using a strategy card. This means losing money is inevitable. Fortunately, you can turn things around against the casino by counting cards. To do that, always keep track of low and high cards and make a big wager if you have the edge. Although this strategy may seem hard at first, it’s one of the few ways to stay ahead of the house through math.

5. Blackjack Insurance Math Explained

Don’t accept the insurance offer during blackjack gameplay no matter the situation. If you don’t know, the insurance is a side bet separate from the original stake. It’s available only when the dealer has an ace as the upcard. But although the 2:1 payout may lure you, blackjack insurance is a sucker bet. Don’t buy into this trick unless your confident that your deck is “10 rich”. Just sweat it out and wait for the dealer to play out their hand.


With these simple tricks, you can beat the house in their own game using blackjack math. It starts with understanding the blackjack cards and how to use them. Next, know the house edge and the RTP rate as these factors will determine how much you can win in the long run. So, use math to create the best blackjack strategy on the table.

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