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December 12, 2022

Why Should You Choose Live Casinos over Land-based Casinos?

Jean-Paul Uwizeye
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There will always be a question about which casino is better. At the same time, there will always be a type of casino that is better than others in one way or another. So, why should one play at a live casino instead of a standard one? The answer is definitely not simple, but in this article, we will discuss this topic in detail. If you have any concerns, keep on reading until the end. So, let’s get started.

Why Should You Choose Live Casinos over Land-based Casinos?

Live casinos have been getting extremely popular. Lately, so many reasons exist. One of the main reasons is the live dealers present in some of the games. It is impressive as it gives the player a different vibe and experience. So, now let’s get into the detail of all the reasons.

What Does a Live Casino Function?

To understand why you should choose the live casino over the standard one, you should know how it functions. Only three rooms make up an actual live casino floor: a studio room, an analyst room, and a software room. However, depending on the operator, this setup may change. As a player, you should go by a set of guidelines. That way, you will be able to use the internet and play games from the convenience of your home.

Another crucial element of a live casino is the Game Control Unit (GCU). Each chair at the table has a gadget about the size of a shoebox. It oversees encoding online and other platform video broadcasts. On such systems, the GCU is the dealer's only source of help in managing the game. If you don't understand, you can keep in mind what GCU is and that no live casino game will be complete without it.

The Live Dealer

The live dealer option is the most significant benefit of the live casino compared to online gaming. Live dealer casino software providers have designed their games to replicate the entire gambling experience, despite the use of mouse-click surroundings and noises. They will engage you in a genuine discussion, and the knowledge you gain from them will be helpful beyond the casino.

Online streams of live games with a dealer are possible. The filming is done in unique studios or casinos. This element is always there in the name to give the player the impression that they are physically seated at a table in a real casino.

Moreover, live casino sites provide a safer and more secure atmosphere compared to regular standard casinos. Additionally, they provide the user with top-notch audio and video to simulate a real casino.

This option is best for players who like socializing and can’t visit land-based casinos to enjoy socializing and playing their favorite games. As live casinos provide the following, they won’t have to worry about that anymore.


One of the best things about live casinos is that they are always available for the users to play at. An online game with a live dealer can be played whenever you choose, just like other online games. 

If you are wondering, how would you play at any time when there is a live dealer? As you might know, working in shifts is extremely rare for film crews, studios, and even dealers. A player may easily set up and begin playing their preferred live dealer game in a matter of seconds. 

So, if you want to play at a live casino, you can play anytime you want to. The dealers will be working in shifts, so you will be able to play with them whenever you want. However, sometimes the dealer might not be available due to a problem.

Table Games

Over the past 20 years, live casino table games have become more and more popular. Numerous incentives and promotions, improved computer technology, and increased network speeds have all helped these games. Live games are broadcast from a studio that is set up like a casino. Players put their bets and converse with one another while the live dealers are present at the table.

Live Hold'em poker is one of the most played live casino table games. Streaming HD video and live dealers are included in this version of the well-known poker game. The finest online casinos for US players now offer this game, which has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. With the use of this technology, fans will be able to watch a live game from the comfort of their own homes.

So, to enjoy playing at a live casino, you won’t have to dress accordingly or do any other thing. You can simply enjoy everything while being in your comfort zone. As you will be able to communicate with the live dealer, you will be able to enjoy the aspect of socializing. If you want to enjoy this aspect more, you can ask your friends to come over and enhance the experience to enjoy it even more.

Bonuses and Other Offers

In general, bonuses on live casino websites are worthwhile trying out because they might provide you with more money to play with. Before claiming a prize, you should carefully review the terms and conditions. You sometimes must deposit a specified amount to withdraw any earnings from bonuses.

New pragmatic play demos and recurring customers are offered bonuses at live casino websites to make them play at the casino. These are often provided as a percentage of the initial investment. The bonus value decreases for consecutive deposits after the initial deposit, which is typically a 100% bonus. Several online casinos also give out bonus points for new customers who sign up for their partner programs. This can equate to free money up to $50.

There might be other different types of offers for the players too. As this goes from casino to casino, you might find a greater offer than the one you play at. You might find no deposit bonuses, free spins, weekly bonuses, and many others.

Optical Character Recognition

You might not know about the Optical Character Recognition feature in live casinos. The use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology can enhance the interactivity of live casino games. This technology analysis pictures of cards and other symbols through a live video stream to provide players with real-time outcomes. With OCR, any device may be used to place a wager, and players can immediately see the results on their displays.

The live dealer casino software must include OCR. It makes it possible to recognize characters accurately from photos taken by HD cameras. Casino owners and players both benefit from this technology.

So apart from many other things, this one is a great feature, too, and a catchy one on top of that. So, this might make it worthwhile for you to play at a live casino over a standard one. 


Choosing a casino is hard, but choosing one type of casino over the other is more challenging. So, if you aren’t sure if you should play at the live casino instead of playing at the standard casino, then don't worry. It is not simple, but you can decide which one to choose. 

First of all, live casinos provide you with a live dealer, and you can play games at them from anywhere. You will be able to play it from your home or anywhere you would like. Then the table games and the fantastic bonus and other offers might interest you. You can even play the game at any time, as the live dealer might be available all of the time. Last but not least, an Optical Character Recognition option is also available. So, if you want a new type of experience, you might want to play at a live casino.

You might understand why live casinos are better than the standard ones after reading all the benefits till the end. Hopefully, you will have a great time and a new experience at the live casino of your choice.

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